This is a new day for people who are in the 84th District in Michigan.  Geography is not what created us but, rather those who call this place our home.  We are varied in religion, education, occupation, income and politics.  But, we are united in wanting a bright future for those who follow.


Some of the areas we need to address are taxes, education, agriculture and manufacturing. How much are we willing to pay for the operation of government?  My view is we pay enough now. Revenues that have declined in the last four years will rise with economic recovery. Education has always been a priority in Michigan from it's creation.  We have changed over the years from a one room schools to the districts we have today.  Now we must evaluate the value of what we are providing and expand opportunities fo all students.


Agriculture remains as a foundation for much of our area, but the threat of destructive regulations by the EPA and other governmental entities are constant.  We must ask, "What is the benefit and at what cost?"  Manufacturing still makes up a large part of our economy but recovery takes time.   


We don't need government bail out of industry, just less interference. Local investment creates local employment. The fragile economic gains need to be reinforced so businesses can flourish.

  Together Everyone Advances Michigan.


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